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Bahurani (1963)

Status: Released
Release Date: 1963
Runtime: 132 Minutes
Box Office Verdict:  Hit
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The Zamindar (Nazir Hussain) has two sons - Raghu, by his first wife, and Vikram, by his second wife. Raghu (Guru Dutt) is a simple-minded and innocent young man. Vikram (Feroz Khan) is cruel, domineering, selfish and greedy, and he maltreats everyone, from servants to his own brother Raghu. Vikram's vicious mother (Lalita Pawar) does the same.
After Vikram has a feud with a tough and smart village girl named Padma (Mala Sinha), who is the first person to ever confront him, Zamindar gets an idea of marrying Vikram and Padma. Vikram refuses, and after a series of incidents, Padma ends up getting married to Raghu instead. When she understands how her husband has been treated over the years, she vows to set things right, and in the process falls in love with him. Inspired by her love, fearlessness and no-nonsense attitude, Raghu begins to find the courage to resist his oppressors.

Cast & Crew

Language: Haryanvi
Distributed: Meena Movies
Director: T. Prakash Rao
Star Cast: Guru Dutt | Mala Sinha |Mala Sinha | Feroz Khan | Shyama | Lalita Pawar | Agha| Badri Prasad | Mukri | Nasir Huussai.
Lyrics : Sahir Ludhianvi
Music Director: C. Ramchandra 
Story/Writer: Inder Raj Anand

Nominated, Filmfare Best Actress Award - Mala Sinha

1. Balma Anari Man Bhaye" - Lata Mangeshkar
2. "Umr Hui Tumse Mile Phir Bhi" - Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar



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