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Chandrawal (1984)

Status: Released
Release Date: March 1984
Runtime: 130 Minutes
Box Office Verdict: Super Hit
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Chandrawal is the grand daughter of the head of Gadia Lohar tribe, Jodha Sardar. Their gypsy tribe is proud of their heritage that they are the descendants of Maharana Pratap. They believe that after his defeat, their ancestors left Chittoor with the pledge that they would never settle down at a permanent place under roof till they again hoist Maharanas flag at Chitoor fort, and since then the tribe has been roaming about as gypsies, doing Lohars jobs for the people with great honesty and hard work. They never allow their girls to marry the boys of other castes. During their unending journey, Jodha Sardar was camping near Ram Garh village and here the young Suraj first saw Chanrdrawal dancing at a marriage ceremony in the camp. Both the young hearts fell in love at first sight. The love affair becomes an open secret soon and Ranjit Chaudhary the father of Suraj who is also the village Chaudhary becomes very angry. On the other hand Jodha Sardar also reacts very strongly and decides to leave the village at once as he does not like that Chandrawal and Suraj are given any chance to meet. He, before leaving the haveli of Chaudhary Ranjit, warns Suraj that if ultimately with the help of his friends he succeeds in finding out the place of his camp. On seeing Chandrawal after a long time, Suraj becomes so emotional that he runs towards the Dera crying - Chandra. Chandrawal also sees him and immediately rushes towards him without caring for the warnings of her grandfather that he would cut her into pieces with a long knife. At the same time Suraj sees Jodha Sardar throwing a knife to kill Chandrawal. Suraj at once turns himself to the side and takes the fatal attack on Chandrawal upon himself. Realising that Suraj is dead, Chandrawal snatches the knife out of the body of her lover and sacrifices herself there and then.


Cast and Crew

Language: Haryanvi
Producer: Usha sharma
Director: Jayant Prabhakar
Star Cast: Jagat Jakhar | Usha Sharma | Nasib Singh Kundu | Daryav Singh Malik.
Screenplay: Devi shankar prabhakar
Music Director: J. P. Kaushik
Studio: Prabhakar Films
Story/Writer: Devi Shankar Prabhakar

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