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First Look: Tera mera Vaada (2013)

Status: Released
Release Date: June 29, 2012
Runtime: 147 Min
Box Office Verdict: Hit
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The movie starts with freshmen students living their new college life. Actor Ankit Balhara plays the role of Abhimanyu, who comes from a village of Haryana to study in city. He is the only child of his village head. Actress Neetu Singh plays the role of Meenal. Meenal is a modern girl who's father(Shamsher Singh) is a high ranking police officer in Haryana. They start dating but are continuously nagged by the Vicky, who is their college mate. In one instance, Vicky tries to molest Neetu, when Abhimanyu rescues her bravely. That point onwards, Abhimanyu and the Vicky become enemies. The movie goes on around their college life till interval.
Abhimanyu studies hard and gets selected to a good post in Haryana Police. Working under Meenal's father, he tries to eliminate crime from the streets of Haryana. Then comes Lucky Raam(Vicky's father), who is a local goon and produces fake ghee(edible oil) and poisonous liquor. Abhimanyu, as a true police officer starts to destroy the son-father duo's illegal business. He then arrests Vicky with his consignment of fake ghee, but was released on bail later. Somehow, Vicky manages some video clip of Meenal having indecent content. He threatens Shamsher Singh to stop Abhimanyu from catching their supply else this video will surface on the Internet. Shamsher Singh tells Meenal not to see Abhimanyu anymore. Startled by her strange behaviour, Abhimanyu couldn't understand what's going on with her. Vicky's business starts to flourish again. 37 people die due to consumption of liquor supplied by Vicky. When they lost the video clip, they kidnap Meenal and threaten Shamsher Singh to kill her, if he doesn't stop Abhimanyu from arresting them. Later on, Abhimanyu rescues her and they get married.

Cast and Crew

Language: Haryanvi
Producer: Ravinder Singh J.D.
Director: Bhaal Singh Balhara
Screenplay: Bhaal Singh Balhara
Music Director: Sanchit Balhara
Studio: Real Sound (UK)
Story/Writer: Bhaal Singh Balhara 

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Action/Musical

Star Cast: Ankit Balhara | Neetu Singh | Rajkumar Dhankar | Shiv Kumar | Manoj Rahtee | Girja Shankar | Ravinder Singh J.D. | Bhaal Singh Balhara | Mukta Chaudhary & Others

Tera Mera Vaada | Official Trailer 


Tera Mera Vaada (Haryanvi) Watch Full Movie  On YouTube

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