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Bhal Singh Balhara (Actor, Singer, Lyricist, Director & Producer)

Born: 14th August,1956
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Lyricist, Director & Producer
Film: Bahurani
Upcoming Film
Award (s): Lifetime Achievement Award By the Govt.of Haryana & Haryana Lok Ratna award
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About Bhal Singh Balhara

Bhal Singh Balhara was born on 14th August,1956 in the village Kiloharad of district Sonepat of Haryana. His father Ch. Ishwar Singh Balhara was a big landlord  of the area. Bhal Singh Balhara did his schooling from the CRZ High  School, Sonepat. He graduated from the D.A.V. College, Chandigarh after which he did his L.L.B from the Kurukshetra University,Kurukshetra. Soon after the completion of his L.L.B. degree, Bhal Singh started to practise as a lawyer in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. However, he could not continue with it for a long time because destiny had something bigger waiting for him. He was invited by the famous Music Director Sh. J.P. Kaushik to Bombay to sing a song in his next film. The film was incidentally the first Haryanvi Feature Film and was titled as 'Bahurani'. Bhal Singh, responding positively to this opportunity, went to Bombay to become a playback singer thus, achieved his aim and became the most popular Haryanvi Singer ever. He also became an actor from the very first film he sang for. In this way, Bhal Singh also became the first actor-cum-singer of Haryanvi Films.The first film was a moderate success but the songs of the film became quite popular. After Bahurani, came 'The Mile Stone' of Haryanvi films i.e. 'Chandrawal' which put the singer to the apex of Haryanvi films thus making him a Silver Jubilee Star. The movie was a chart-buster and broke all the records of Haryanvi cinema. The movie is still remembered as the Master piece of Haryanvi film Industry. Its songs like 'Nain katore kaajal dore','Bhadurgarh ka bam','Main suraj tu chandrawal' which were sung by Bhal Singh are still the favourites of millions. The singer, exploring new fields of cinema ,then went on to start his own production house and produced his first film 'Chhail Gailyaan Jaangi'. He also played the main lead in this romantic love story which was a big hit of the year. Then started a new era of Haryanvi films. A lot of Haryanvi films were made. Now, all the producers and directors had only one preference for their leading actor and singer - Bhal Singh Balhara. But, as an actor, Bhal Singh restricted himself to not doing too many films because he remained very choosy about the scripts of the films. However there was no such restriction about singing. Bhal Singh sang in the maximum number of Haryanvi films as a playback singer and still has a record to his credit, of singing the maximum number of Haryanvi Songs as a playback singer in Haryanvi films. Not restricting himself merely to Haryanvi films Bhal Singh gave his melodious voice to a number of Hindi films as well, out of which 'Adhoora Milan' ,'Laagi Chhutte Naa' are worth mentioning. In the film 'Adhoora Milan' Bhal Singh got an opportunity to sing with the legendary singer  'Sh. Mahendra Kapoor'. Also when it comes to singing for films in different languages it becomes pertinent to mention that Bhal Singh has also lent his voice to a song in the famous Punjabi film 'Putt Jattan De'. In this Bhal Singh sang a song for 'Sh. Dharmendra', the He-Man of Hindi Films. He also wrote the dialogues of the scenes picturized on 'Sh. Dharmendra' in the film. Till date, Bhal Singh has worked as lead actor in many Haryanvi Feature Films such as Chhail Gailyan Jangi, Mhari Dharti Mhari Maa, Bairi etc. and a Hindi Feature Film titled 'Laagi Chhutte Naa'. He has also directed a Haryanvi film 'Tera Mera Vaada'. A few years back Bhal Singh brought out his first Haryanvi Album titled 'Jaat Beqabu Ho Gaya' which was very much acclaimed by the Haryanvi music lovers all over.
Currently, Bhal Singh is working as the Additional Director in the Department of Information, Public Relations and Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Haryana.    

And this time, once again,  Bhal Singh Balhara is back with what he is best know for. This is undoubtedly about latest Haryanvi Pop Album Titled 'Chhora Jaat Ka'
which has got 8 haryanvi songs sung by the legendary singer himself. All the songs have got different mood and hence deliver the flavour of real Haryana which has now been missing in the music for a while. The lyrics of all the 8 songs have been written by the singer himself . The album has recently been released and is being liked, as always, by the all music lovers not only in Haryana but all over.
About his family
Bhal Singh Balhara is married to Mukta Chaudhary who is a daughter of former politician and social worker 'Late Sh. Mahabir Chaudhary'. Interestingly, she had been a great athlete during her college days and had been given the award of 'The Best Athlete of Haryana'
continuously for 5 years. Incidentally she had also acted in the first Haryanvi feature film i.e. 'Bahurani' and had been an active participant in extra-curricular activities since her school days. Also, she is the niece of Ex-Prime Minister of Fiji, 'Sh. Mahendra Chaudhary'. Bhal Singh and Mukta have got two very talented boys whose names are Ankit and Sanchit. 



Films as a playback Singer:

1.       Bahurani (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
2.       Chandrawal (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
3.       Chhail Gailyan Jaangi (Music: Vedpal)
4.       Putt Jattan De (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
5.       Chhail Gabhru (Music: Vedpal)   
6.       Chhora Jaat Ka (Music: Vedpal)
7.       Mhari Dharti Mhari Maa (Music: Vedpal)
8.       Phool Badan (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
9.       Gulabo (Music: Vedpal)
10.   Chhoti Saali (Music: Vedpal)
11.   Roop Basant (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
12.   Nautanki (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
13.   Bateu (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
14.   Bairi (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
15.   Adhoora Milan (Music: J.P.Kaushik)
16.   Laagi Chhutte Naa (Music: Vedpal)

Albums as a playback Singer:

1. Jaat Beqabu Ho Gaya (Haryanvi) (Music : Sanjeev-Santosh)
2. Chhora Jaat Ka (Haryanvi) (Music : Ankit & Sanchit)

Films as an Actor:

1.       Bahurani (Haryanvi)
2.       Chhail Gailyan Jaangi (Haryanvi)
3.       Mhari Dharti Mhari Maa (Haryanvi)
4.       Bairi (Haryanvi)
5.       Laagi Chhutte Naa (Hindi)

Films as a Lyricist:
1.       Bahurani (Haryanvi)
2.       Chaail Gailyan Jaangi (Haryanvi)
3.       Putt Jattan De (Haryanvi)
4.       Mhari Dhati Mhari Maa (Haryanvi)
5.       Bairi (Haryanvi)
6.   Roop Basant (Haryanvi)
7.       Chhora jaat ka (Haryanvi)
8.       Laagi Chhutte Na (Hindi)
9.  Tera Mera Vaada (Haryanvi)

Albums as a Lyricist:
1.       Jaat Beqabu Ho Gaya (Haryanvi album)
2.      Chhora Jaat Ka (Haryanvi album)

Full Album "Chora Jaat Ka"

Films as a Director:

1.      Tera Mera Vaada (Haryanvi)  

Films as a Producer:

1.       Chhail Gailyan Jaangi (Haryanvi)
2.       Laagi Chhutte Naa (Hindi)
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